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Digital tachographs

All trucks with the first registration after May 1, 2006, need to be equipped in digital tachographs. Each owner of a new vehicle is obliged to have a digital tachographs calibration done at certified workshops within 14 days from the registration. Digital tachographs do not use record sheets – all data are stored in the device memory and in the driver’s card. A driver is able to check information stored in the tachograph memory by printing them on certified thermal paper or by a data analysis using specialised software. Calibration of digital tachographs is valid for the period of 2 years.


We offer the following services concerning digital tachographs:

  • lithium battery including replacement,
  • cleaning of slots,
  • diagnostics,
  • cable assembly,
  • installation repair,
  • op VDO printer paper,
  • printer paper in reels,
  • collection of data from driver’s card,
  • collection of data from tachographs memory using a company card,
  • collection of data from tachographs using a workshop card,
  • Kitas cable,
  • installation checking,
  • periodical check of digital tachographs,
  • battery replacement,
  • transmitter replacement,
  • installation of digital tachographs in buses,
  • installation of digital tachographs in trucks.