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Vehicle Inspection Station



At the beginning of August 2010, we completed a complex modernisation of Dobrowolski Regional Vehicle Inspection Station. We obtained a permit for doing technical tests in the maximal scope, number DSW 007. Since the very beginning, our aim was to create a place which would serve all owners and drivers of vehicles in maintaining their proper condition, safe for them and third parties. We do our best that our clients had reliable and comfortable cars. Unfortunately, in Poland, there is a belief that one comes to a station just to get an approval stamp. This is not a good thinking as we live in a country with the state of roads that could be better and traffic is getting heavier. This is why our station offers the most modern possible level of vehicle service.

„We have an individual stand to align geometry in vehicles at the most advanced level of suspension, on wheels up to 25’’.” Our equipment is calibrated every 6 months by a manufacturer’s service. We solve all problems related with irregular wear of tyres of a diameter of over 18”.  Please include also photos from the appendix.

„For brakes tests we use MAHA reels, which are safe for all four-wheel drives.”


MONDAY – FRIDAY 7.00-18.00
SATURDAY 7.00-14.00

When necessary, we can also perform technical test on Sundays and holidays but it needs to be arranged individually.


Safe travel by car – only with us.